Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

One moment can change any of our lives.  Living in tornado alley here in Missouri, the sounds of sirens means someone’s life may be about change.  Growing up in Alaska with the harsh weather as well as other natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I know first hand the helplessness that a disaster can bring.

Photographing a disaster area is a very sensitive work.

The physical destruction always is the first thing that draws you in.  It is hard for the mind to process what you’re looking at.  However, the physical disaster is really just the path that leads to the real impact:  people and their lives.  Families, their homes, and their stories are strewn across lawns and communities.  There is a vulnerability, raw and painful that comes with photographing someone’s “worst moment of their life.”  They are often in a state of shock, unable to process what is happening to them.  They see me there with my camera, but they don’t really see me.  It is my responsibility to tread carefully and respectfully while documenting their personal pains, while still capturing the worst of their personal and community moments.

I embedded with the Salvation Army to photograph the destruction and survivors of Hurricane Harvey. I was assigned to Beaumont, Texas.

Support the Salvation Army

You can provide relief to those in need by donating to the Salvation Army below.  You can also choose to select the Salvation Army as your charity of choice at check-out when purchasing images.

Disaster Services

Core Disaster Services

  • Emergency Food Services
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual Care
  • Emergency Communications
  • Disaster Social Services
  • Donations Management
  • Recovery
  • Training