Meet the Salvation Army in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

I have always had a special place in my heart for the Salvation Army.  It is largely because I love thrift stores and have shopped there for clothes since my youth (decades before it was popular to “pop some tags” as Macklemore raps).  I’m pretty cool that way.

 I appreciate the bell ringers and the service they provide, but it wasn’t until I joined them in Beaumont, Texas after Hurricane Harvey that I really saw the miracle workers that they are.  The Salvation Army is the masters of organizing resources, on a community and national level.

For example, take the BBQers from Wisconsin and their 24′ grills.  They all work at the same company.  Their employer gave them time off to head to Texas.  They packed up their grills and mops and headed south.  They worked out the food donation logistics, staged in a local church building and parking lot.  They cooked, worked and served every single day for a couple of weeks, and when some needed to return home, the company gave time off to other employees to fill the position.

I had a nibble of the chicken and it was the most moist ever!  Sure made me reconsider pulling my mop out of the old broom closet.

You can see more of the Hurricane Harvey images here and donate to the Salvation Army here.

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