Meet Homer, Alaska at Low Tide

One of my favorite places growing up was to go to the beach in Alaska. While it isn’t a place where you would lay out in the sun, it is a place of beauty.  There is something in the rhythm of the waves that soothes my soul.

Homer, Alaska is a special place with a 2.5 mile land “spit” that is the highlight of the tourism and fishing industries in the area. Bald Eagles abound, the daily catch is proudly displayed and tourist shops hawk their wares. The greatest beauties can be what mother nature reveals with the changes in tides.

One of my favorite memories is when I was a kid, we used to drive down to Homer from my hometown of Soldotna (about 75 miles) to go to the boat docks to buy fresh, live King crabs.  They would walk around the docks, their little legs clicking along.  We would load them in the truck, crawling around the bed of the truck the entire way home.  When we would arrive, my dad would let them roam around the yard while he boiled water.  In the end, it never ended well for the crabs.  Yum!

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