Meet the 501st Legion and the Kansas City Mavericks

Question: What do Star Wars and Hockey have in common?

Answer: The 501st Legion.

The Kansas City Mavericks professional hockey team has an annual “Star Wars” night where they invite members of the official Star Wars costuming group in the area to entertain the guests.  The hockey team wears Star Wars themed uniforms that are then auctioned off at the end of the game for a designated charity.

The 501st members (of which both my children are proud members), is a world wide service organization, full of enthusiastic costumed Star Wars fance.  Volunteering their time in service, these types of events are known as “trooping”.  We were first exposed to the 501st when they came to fulfill the “Make a Wish” of our best friend who was dying of cancer and attended his living funeral.  We found that they regularly attend events as a non-profit service to build good will and generate enthusiasm for the event sponsor. 

The annual hockey game has been a tremendous success and now many fans join the 501st in dressing up as their favorite Star Wars character.  

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